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BirthFit: Postpartum Series


BirthFit: Postpartum Series

The BIRTHFIT Postpartum Series kicks off next week at CrossFit West Springfield!!

This series is perfect for any mama looking to improve their movement, fitness and general quality of life as they embark on their journey as a mother.  Learn the importance of breath, reconnect with your body and bond with other women while addressing common postpartum concerns. Babies are welcome!! 



  • This is an eight class, three week series
  • Classes meet on M/W/F at 11:30am (minus July 4th), beginning July 2nd.
  • The series will establish a solid core foundation, wake up your posterior chain and enhance your posture through safe, effective, functional movements that transfer into every day life tasks.

Our goal is to establish a solid movement foundation while also connecting with other mamas. We will discuss the good, bad, ups and downs of postpartum. Be prepared to make friends, learn all things BIRTHFIT and set yourself up for success as you return to your normal workout routine. This is a one of a kind class!