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Are you sure you want to terminate your membership? Have you considered putting your membership on hold?
See the Hold Membership page for more details.

Termination Policy:

  • In order to cancel a Membership Contract, the Client must submit the Termination Request Formlocated on the Crossfit West Springfield website.
  • Should the membership be terminated before the contract end date, a $200 termination fee will be applied.
  • Termination Forms submitted BEFORE the 15th will not be billed the following month:
    • Suzie submits the Termination Form on January 14.
    • Suzie will not be billed on February 1.
  • Termination Forms submitted ON OR AFTER the 15thwill be billed the following month
    • Suzie submits the Termination Form on January 15.
    • Suzie will be billed on February 1
  • Should a member decide to reactivate a membership after termination, the CURRENT membership rates in effect at the time of reactivation will be applied (membership rates are subject to change).
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I understand that by submitting this form, my membership will be reviewed to verify that I have met my contract term. If I have not met my contract term, I will be assessed the termination fee.
I understand that if I submit the Termination Form ON OR AFTER THE 15th, I will be billed the following month.