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CAPACITY and LIMITATIONS – Are they holding you back?


CAPACITY and LIMITATIONS – Are they holding you back?

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CAPACITY and LIMITATIONS – Are they holding you back?
Written by William Oliver

CrossFit as a whole, comes as no surprise on its potency amongst those familiar. Intense conditioning paired with highly technical skills in every physical discipline is very effective in improving fitness across the entire spectrum of an athlete’s capabilities. But how does that once wide open door of potential seem to close as one seeks to progress beyond a common level of fitness? How does one begin to share in the wealth of the elite in our sport? One word comes to the forefront, C-A-P-A-C-I-T-Y.

Capacity is often mentioned in boxes (CrossFit affiliate gyms) across the country. It’s used in the term of work capacity which, in its simplest terms, is the average power we are able to show in athletic movements. The desire to increase one’s work capacity is a huge goal for most CrossFitters. But I seek to address capacity as it relates to becoming well-rounded individuals. Because we all have areas of our fitness that can use improvement.

When we all began our fitness journey, more specifically our CrossFit journey, the need for us to address weaknesses was not as important. Face it, when first starting out there are weaknesses in every corner of our fitness. As we grow, there is an increasing need for us to identify those weaknesses and work on them to make them our strengths. This is the only way progress can be obtained for a seasoned athlete. It’s how the best continue to get better.

Why is it, as athletes, we many tend to shy away from our weaknesses? CrossFit is in the business of engaging athletes in general physical preparedness. If we want to be adequately equipped for whatever we encounter in our daily lives, on the competition floor, or on the battlefield, it should be our mission to look forward to these challenges.

Weaknesses are a mainstay of training. Especially in our sport because we don’t specialize in any one form of athleticism, we prioritize fitness as a whole. Ben Bergeron the coach of the Fittest Woman on Earth, Katrin Davidsdottir, shared a post on Instagram that said, “When Katrin and I find a weakness, we high five…” Even the best struggle in some areas. They know they will only grow by addressing those shortcomings.

How should you approach your training weaknesses? Well, let’s start with quality over quantity. This should be your primary goal and approach towards your training. Whether your weaknesses are related to particular movements, optimizing your mentality, or improving certain metabolic pathways the proper mentality plays a huge role in your development. After all, practice doesn’t make perfect, but perfect practice does. As we train, our bodies and minds become accustomed to the once unfamiliar, and we are able to make those skills useful tools in our toolbox.

This is what being a successful athlete is all about The CrossFit methodology considers everyone an athlete. Whether you consider yourself an athlete or not, your approach towards your health and fitness lifestyle will ultimately dictate your success. Having a positive mental approach towards new and challenging skills will open the door to a more positive experience and faster learning curve. We all began training through CrossFit to become better in some capacity as individuals. We many not discuss it publicly but we all strive to be great, so don’t create a false sense of your abilities each day by neglecting to look at yourself in a honest fashion. Address those weaknesses and step into your full capacity.

Not a lecture, just my thoughts.