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CrossFit Games Open: In-House Competition


CrossFit Games Open: In-House Competition

CrossFit Games Open: In-House Competition

With the CrossFit Open season right around the corner, we know many are looking forward to testing their journey over the last year during the 5 week Open season.   With this in mind, we wanted to expand our community participation. We are excited to announce our IN-HOUSE CFGO COMPETITION.

This competition will take place over the 5 week Open season with a chance for one team to become our CFWS Affiliate Cup Champions.

Competition details include:

  • NO REGISTRATION is needed through the CFG website.
    • If you are interested in participating in this competition, all you have to do is sign-up at the front desk, beginning January 9th.
    • When signing up, write your full name and declare which division you plan on participating in: RX, SCALED, or MASTERS
  • This is a team competition, which means:
    • Registration for the in-house competition will end Friday, February 17th.
    • A team draft will take place on Tuesday February 20th at 6:30pm.
      • Teams will be picked by team captains. If anyone has interest in being a team captain please email Ryan (
    • Each team will have RX, SCALED, and MASTERS athletes.
  • Scoring:
    • Scores and ranking will be updated weekly and be posted by Tuesday morning of the following week.
  • Workout Completion:
    • CFWS will perform the CFO workouts as an affiliate on Fridays from 5pm – 8pm and Saturdays from 11am – 1pm
    • Participants will get only 1 Re-Do if they want to achieve a better score. 
      • All Re-Dos must be completed on Sundays during Open Gym (10am – 12pm).
    • If a participant cannot find a judge, they must video their workout and send it to Ryan or Christina by Sunday at 8pm to be reviewed.
      • If a video is not received by 8pm on Sunday evening then that persons score will not count towards their teams total score.

As we get closer to the Open, we will provide everyone with additional information about the competition. Our overall goal is to continue to grow the participation within our community and allow everyone the opportunity to test their fitness in a fun and supportive atmosphere.  Again, there is NO CHARGE to participate, just sign up at the front desk and declare your division (RX, SCALED, or MASTERS). It’s that simple!

For additional information, don’t hesitate to email Ryan at any time.