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Friday 10/6 WoD


Friday 10/6 WoD

    Press 5RM, then 90%x5x3
    (TIMECAP: 18:00)

    Notes: Full stop at the bottom of each rep, no bouncing off the shoulders.

    AMRAP 5
    BUY IN: 100 Double Unders
    9 Thrusters (95/65), 5 C2B Pull ups / Jumping C2B Pull Ups

    Rest 5 mins

    AMRAP 5
    BUY IN: 75 Double Unders
    6 Thrusters (115/80), 5 Bar Facing Burpees

    Rest 5 mins

    AMRAP 5
    BUY IN: 50 Double Unders
    3 Thrusters (135/95), 5 Pull Ups (chin over bar) / Jumping Pull Ups

    Thruster: Scale load. Should be able to wrok in at least 5 repetitions at the most fatigued.
    Rope Climb: Scale to partial rope climbs (mark a height on the rope with tape)  OR Ground to Stand Rope Pulls

    1) No Hook Grip/No Foot Movement Snatch 2-2-2, 3×2
    Starts with feet in the receiving position and no hook grip. You may rise onto the toes at the top of the pull, but the feet should not move in or out as they transition underneat the barbell. The purpose of this exercise is to teach transition smoothly under the barbell.

    Notes: Build over the first three sets. The weight used on the third set should be repeated for the remaining three sets. Athlete should use a weight which is challenging but manageable with good mechanics.

    1) 5 Sets:
    5 Retracted Hang w/5 Second Hold
    0:30 Wall Facing Handstand Hold
    10 Side Plank Press-Ups/side

    *VIDEO – Side Plank Press Up: