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Friday 4/8 WoD


Friday 4/8 WoD

Barbell Strength: 15 minutes
Snatch 80%x2x5

Conditioning/Sport: 10 min. TIME CAP
“Power Elizabeth”
For Time:
Power Clean 135#/95#
Ring Dip


– Power Cleans: Athlete should be able to perform power cleans at a smooth and steady pace, whether via touch-and-go sets with moderate breaks or singles with very short breaks. Scale load to allow for this.
– Ring Dips: Should be performed in no more than four sets per round. Preferred substitions: Parallel bar dips or triceps dips on a box or bench.

Extra Work:
– Floor Press: 8-8-8-8

– Build over the first three sets
– The third set should be near maximal, leaving one good rep in the tank.
– Drop 10% for the fourth set.