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Friday 6/10 WoD


Friday 6/10 WoD

Gymnastics Test:

For Time: 10 min. TIME CAP
50 Handstand Pushups, Open Standard

TIMECAP: 10:00

Scale in the following order, from highest to lowest requisite proficiency:
(1) 50 Pike Pushups, IF and ONLY IF the athlete can maintain a strong hollow and vertical torso
(2) 50 Seated Dumbbell Press using a weight the athlete could perform for a set of 12-15


Conditioning: Partner Workout

AMRAP 8 min.:

“Mario and Luigi”
21 Burpees over the bar
21 Calorie Airdyne
21 Thursters (135/95)
18 Burpees over the bar
18 Calorie Airdyne
18 Thursters
15 Burpees over the bar
15 Calorie Airdyne
15 Thrusters…. etc. (going down by 3s)


– If you complete the round of 3, go back to the top and begin again.
– Only 1 athlete may work at a time, however you can switch as often as you want.
– Burpees are not “bar facing”.


Extra Work:
– Every 90 seconds for 10 sets: 2 Cleans

– For athletes who have a 1RM clean, start at 65%. Add weight after no fewer than two sets.