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Friday 6/30 WoD


Friday 6/30 WoD

Hang Clean (Above Knee)

2-2-2, 3×2

Build over the first three sets to a manageable weight, then repeat that weight for three more sets. Above knee = directly above kneecaps. When performing lifts from the hang or the blocks, athletes should aim to MIMIC their start position from the floor – weight midfoot, knees in front of bar, shoulders directly over bar.

TIMECAP: 20:00

2 Rounds For Time:
75 Wall Ball, 20#/14# to 10′
25 Clean & Jerks, 115#/75#

TIMECAP: 16:00
GEAR: 2.5

Wall Ball: Athlete should be able to complete each round in no more than four minutes. Scale load/reps/height accordingly.
Clean & Jerk: Athlete should be able to complete each round in no more than three minutes. Scale load accordingly. Athletes who are not yet technically proficient with the power clean & jerk should perform dumbbell hang power clean & jerks.


1) EMOM 15, alternating:
a) 2-4 Strict Ring Dips + 3-6 Kipping Ring Dips
b) 3-8 Strict Chin-Ups
c) 15 Hip Extensions

Notes All of this should be submaximal and technical. Select/scale accordingly! Strict Ring Dip: Control eccentric, pause and turn rings out at lockout. Chin-Up: Supinated grip. Chin must be both over and above bar at top. Rep is counted upon returning, under control, to a full stop hollow hang at the bottom. Scale movement to chin negatives. Hip Extension: No load. Controlled tempo in both directions with pause at each end. If you do not have enough GHDs for athletes to perform hip extensions, subsitute light barbell good mornings with a controlled eccentric.