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Happy Thanksgiving


Happy Thanksgiving

CFWS Family – In the spirit of Thanksgiving, a day to give thanks, we wanted to express how thankful we are for such an amazing community.

From the CFWS Staff, we are truly grateful that you have found your way to us. We are thankful that you all have the desire to show up each day, the strength to challenge yourselves, and the passion to pursue a life on your feet.Thank you for your trust and willingness to give your best effort, day in and day out. Your dedication continues to show in the progress that you make weekly.

Lastly, thank you for not just being a member of CrossFit West Springfield, but a friend. You all make up the incredible fabric of the community that we have at CFWS and without you we would be nothing. This community continues to inspire me to look for higher learning and ways to provide you all with better service and more opportunities to learn and grow. Every day I wake up with a new adventure and respect for the opportunity to know everyone.

Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving!