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Kettle Bell Skill Clinic Reminder!


Kettle Bell Skill Clinic Reminder!


Saturday, November 19th at 11am

We will dive into the Kettle Bell and the skills and techniques revolving around this awesome piece of equipment.

Throughout the 75 minute clinic, we will discuss:

  • The foundations of the kettle bell swing
  • How to efficiently use your body to maximize power and balance
  • The KB Swing variations: Russian, American, Single Arm Swings
  • The KB Clean and KB Press variations
  • Finish with a Kettle Bell workout

Our goal for this clinic is to have you walk out of this clinic with a better understanding and respect of the Kettle Bell and how you can use this implement to increase your power production and core strength.

If you are interested in signing up for this clinic, email Ryan at ( or speak with one of your coaches.

Registration pricing:
– Members = $15
– Non-Members = $25

*Want to register you and a family member or friend? We will take $5 off any registration of two or more people who are together.

Please note that we will be cancelling Open Gym on Saturday, November 19.