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Monday 1/23 WoD


Monday 1/23 WoD

Back Squat 6RM
TIMECAP: 20:00

For Total Time and Total Reps:
(TIMECAP: 26:00)

Run 800m
Max Muscle-Ups in 1:30 / Ring Row Muscle Up Transitions (low rings)

Rest 5 Minutes

Run 600m
Max Muscle-Ups in 1:00 / Ring Row Muscle Up Transitions (low rings)

Rest 4 Minutes

Run 400m
Max Muscle-Ups in 0:30 / Ring Row Muscle Up Transitions (low rings)

There are two scores for this workout: accumulative running time and accumulative muscle-up reps.
The clock for your muscle-ups begins precisely ten seconds after you complete the prescribed run distance, i.e. if you finish the 800m run at 3:00, your muscle-up clock begins at 3:10, to allow for transition time.

(TIMECAP: 26:00)

Run: For athletes who will run slower than a 10:00/mile pace average, scale distance to 600m/400m/200m.
– – MOD1: 5 strict Pullups + 5 Strict Ring Dips
– – MOD2: 5 ring rows + 5 pushups.


1) 4 Sets:
10 Biceps Curls, slow eccentric, light weight
50 Band Triceps Pushdowns, light band

2) Assault Bike 40 minutes @ 6 + 75/60 Calorie Surges
@ 10:00, 20:00, and 30:00, Bike 75/60 Calories @ 9

Over the course of each 10 minute set, you should be gradually building your pace to a near maximal effort at the allotted time. Then cool down/recover as you enter the next segment, and start building your pace again.

1) Box L-Headstand Push Ups, 5×5 (pause with head on mat for 1-2sec.)

2a) Matador Dips, 5×5-10
2b) 10 V-Ups + 15 Suitcases + 20 Hollow Rocks, 5 sets