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Monday 2/1 WoD


Monday 2/1 WoD

David pushing through his rowing.

Box Brief:
Tomorrow we will hosting our Bod Pod Assessment from 3pm through 7pm. This is just in time for the beginning of our RP Nutritional Challenge, so if you are looking to get some baseline body assessment numbers, make sure to email Christina (, to set up your assessment time. Cost is $50.


Front Squat 1RM

*Build to a max 1 rep in 15 minutes.


For Time
21 Deficit Pushups, 6″/4″
18 Deadlifts, 60% 1RM
15 Strict Chest-to-Bar Chinups
15 Deficit Pushups
12 Deadlifts
9 Strict Chest-to-Bar Chinups
9 Deficit Pushups
6 Deadlifts
3 Strict Chest-to-Bar Chinups


1) 20 minutes to find Front Squat 1RM or 2RM

 2) 4 sets of 15-20 Banded Good Morning w/ a lower pull band attached to vertical bar.
(will demo)
 3) 21-18-15-9-15-18-21 of
   Ring Push Ups (in modify position if needed)
   Wallballs (All use 20s)
   Deadlifts @ 60%
*20 DUs between each round
 4) 15-20 minutes of skill work
 5) 8 rounds of:
20 second hollow hold
40 second plank hold
1 minute rest.