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Monday 2/6 WoD


Monday 2/6 WoD

15 minutes to perform 5 Sets: Teams of 2 or 3
Airdyne/Assault Bike, :30sec @ 10 for MAX CALORIES

– Each partner will bike for :30 seconds for MAX CALORIES
– Must reset clock after each partners set
– Rest as needed, but each partner must complete 5 sets within the 15 minute time frame

“The Chief”
3 Power Cleans, 135#/95#
6 Pushups
9 Squats
* Repeat for a total of 5 cycles, resting 1 minute between cycles. Score continuously, beginning each cycle where you left the previous one.

Power Clean: Athlete should be able to perform each set unbroken or in three consecutive singles (no break except to quickly drop and reset).
MOD1: Scale load accordingly
MOD2: Hang Power Clean
Pushups: If athlete is likely to go to slow singles on pushup, scale movement.
Squats: Athletes may not place hands on thighs.

1) 4 Sets:
10 Biceps Curls, slow eccentric, light weight
50 Band Triceps Pushdowns, light band

2) 9-6-3 For Time:
Strict Muscle-Up
Overhead Squat, heavy (max: 225/155#)
(TIMECAP: 20:00)

This workout is about pairing challenging movements, not working at a high intensity. Select load accordingly.
Strict Muscle-Up: So long as athlete can perform singles, allow them to do strict muscle-ups.
MOD1: Kipping muscle-ups
MOD2: 9/6/3 strict pullup + ring dip
MOD3: 9/6/3 ring row + pushup.
Overhead Squat: From the rack. Select a challenging weight, which the athlete can perform for sets of 2-4 for the duration of the workout.

1) EMOM x 10:
6 Wall Ball, 20/14 (12’/10′)
6 Alternating Pistols

2) 5 Sets:
5 Tuck Front Lever Pulls
Pike Box L-Headstand Walks, x10 (stepping over 45#/25# plate)
30 Hollow Rocks