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The OPEN is upon us…


The OPEN is upon us…


The CrossFit Games season is a fun and exciting time for all CrossFit affiliates. From fitness enthusiasts to Regional and Games level athletes, this season is a time for all of us to come together and gear up for the most exciting and community-driven part of our training: The Open.

The Open is a five-week, five workout event that puts your fitness to the test. Each week, one workout is released and athletes have one week to finish and submit their scores. Many gyms from across the country host community workouts where all members can complete the workout together.

The Open is an opportunity to improve, challenge your peers, and see where you stack up against athletes of your level from all around the world.

This event kicks off this coming Thursday, February 25th with a live announcement at 8pm. We will watch the live announcement every Thursday at CFWS, so if you would like to come in and watch, feel free to join us.

We will complete the Open workouts every Friday, throughout the day and Sundays during Open Gym hours (10am-12pm). All Friday morning classes will participate in the Open workout. If you have registered for the Open, and plan on joining one of the morning classes, you will need to communicate with your coach so they can plan accordingly to judge you.

The afternoon schedule will run in heats, with the first heat beginning at 4pm. The afternoon schedule will run from 4pm through 6:30pm. During the afternoon heat schedule, you will want to plan accordingly because it will be each person’s individual responsibility to warm-up and get their chili prepared for the workout, so was ask you plan accordingly for arriving with adequate time to get yourself ready for the workout.

In addition to the excitement of the Open, each week there will be a raffle for fun prizes. There will be two winners each week, and to qualify for the raffle, you must be registered for the Open. The weekly raffle will take place every Friday afternoon through the Open season. So if you would like to be eligible for the raffle, make sure to register through the CrossFit Games site: