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Thursday 1/26 WoD


Thursday 1/26 WoD

3 Rounds For Time:
15 Toes-to-Bar
50′ Handstand Walk / 5 Wall Walks
(TIMECAP: 9:00)

Toes-to-Bar: Athlete should be able to complete each round in no more than three sets with short breaks, preferably two.
– – MOD1: Scale Reps accordingly.
– – MOD2: Hanging straight leg raise, as high as possible.
– – MOD3: Knee tucks
– – MOD4: Knee tuck + Toes to KB Handle
Handstand Walk: Athlete should be able to complete the set in no more than 90 seconds.
– – MOD1: Scale distance accordingly.
– – MOD2: Wall walks, selection repetitions to stay within a 60-90 second timeframe for completion.

75-50-25 For Time:
American Kettlebell Swing, 16kg/12kg
Air Squat
(TIMECAP: 22:00)

Kettlebell Swing: Athlete should be able to work in sets of 25+ to start, and never need to break to sets of less than 10 with short breaks.
– – MOD1: Scale Load
– – MOD2: Scale Reps
Squat: Athlete may not push off the thighs. Athletes who have trouble perform air squats with good posture should add a very light counterbalance and reduce reptitions.
– – MOD1: Scale repition
Pullup: Athlete should be able to work in sets of no less than five for the duration of the workout.
– – MOD1: Scale repititions accordingly
– – MOD2: Pull-up from lower bar
– – MOD3: Ring Rows

1) Power Jerk 4RM

2) 8:00 Max Bar Muscle-Ups or Bar MU Practice (using low bar)

Athletes who can perform muscle-ups at all should do so, even if their volume will be relatively low. Encourage athletes to work in very submaximal sets from the beginning, so they don’t blow out.
Athletes who cannot yet perform muscle-ups should substitute rounds of 5 strict pullups + 5 strict ring dips, or 5 ring rows + 5 pushups.
Advanced athletes should scale up to strict muscle-ups.


1) Rock and Roll Squats, 5×5

2) Candlestick Pistols, 5×3-5 each leg

3) Max Hollow Holds, 3x