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Thursday 9/7 WoD


Thursday 9/7 WoD

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RP Nutritional Challenge – Kicking it off with Weigh In #1

DEXA Scan – 8am -1pm

End of the Summer BBQ – 1pm – 4pm

Clean and Jerk
16×1 EMOM
Start at 65% of 1RM, add weight after no fewer than two technically sound lifts.
Go big if it’s feeling good!

Athletes who do not have an established 1RM should start with a weight they could comfortably triple, and work from there at the coach’s disrcretion.

Power Clean/Double Under
For Time:
10-8-6-4-2 Power Clean, 185#/125#
Alternate With
50-40-30-20-10 Double Under

GEAR: 2.5

Power Clean: Athlete should be able to work in singles with short rest for the duration of the workout. Scale load accordingly. Scale movement to dumbbell power clean or dumbbell hang power clean.
Double Under: Athlete should be able to work at a minimum rate of 40 double unders/minute. Scale repetitions accordingly. Scale movement to single under.