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Tuesday 6/20 WoD


Tuesday 6/20 WoD

Paused Front Squat 5-5-5-5-5 / *Pause 2 seconds at bottom
TIMECAP: 20:00

Build over the first four sets. The fourth set should be tough but submaximal, leaving two good reps in the tank. The fifth set is 10% lighter than the fourth.
The pause is a full three count in the bottom. Athletes should not relax/sag into the bottom position, but maintain tension on the quads and pressure on the midfoot. Have athletes partner up and count for each other!

1 Rope Climb, 15′ Ascent
10 Burpees

GEAR: 2.5

Rope Climb:
MOD1: Scale to partial rope climbs (mark a height on the rope with tape)
MOD2: Ground to Stand Rope Pulls
Scale Up: Legelss for some or all reps
Burpee: Scale movement to squat thrust (down to top of push-up position, then back up, without bringing chest to floor) for athletes who will see a significant drop in intensity on burpees. Alternatively, burpees to a bench may help sustain the intensity


1) Run 5k
During the course of the run, complete a total of 100 pushups and 200 squats. They may be split up and completed whenever and however the athlete chooses, but the athlete must run at least the first 400m before performing any pushups or squats.

4 Sets:
1a) Lying Barbell Windshield WIpers x 10-20
1b) Side Plank x :30sec each side