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Wednesday 4/5 WoD


Wednesday 4/5 WoD

Back Squat 10-10-10-10
TIMECAP: 20:00

Add 5-10lbs to each set from last week’s sets of 10. If the athlete was not present for that workout, have them perform that instead.

4 Rounds For Time:
7 Front Squats, 245#/165# – bar taken from floor
14 Burpees, Lateral Jump Over Bar

TIMECAP: 12:00

Gear 1: Intensity is moderate, and primarily limited by difficulty of one or more of the movements of the workout, rather than by raw work capacity.
Front Squat: Athlete should be able to clean the weight consistently, and should perform the front squats in no more than three sets, preferably two.
MOD1: Scale load accordingly.
Burpee: Take off from both feet, land on both feet. Must be a TRUE lateral jump, profile to bar, not at an angle. Athlete should be able to complete each round in no more than 60 seconds.
MOD1: Scale repetitions accordingly.
MOD2: Scale movement to squat thrust (down to top of push-up position, then back up, without bringing chest to floor) for athletes who will see a significant drop in intensity on burpees.
MOD3: Alternatively, burpees to a bench may help sustain the intensity. If necessary for safety, have them jump or step over a PVC pipe or empty barbell instead of a loaded barbell.


1) Power Snatch 5×3

Add 5-15lbs to top weight from last week. If the athlete did not perform that workout, they may do that instead.

2) Run 2 Mile Time Trial

4 Sets:
– V-Ups x 20 (use weight to increase intensity)