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Wednesday 8/9 WoD


Wednesday 8/9 WoD

Dual Kettlebell Overhead Carry
Every 2:00 x 7 Sets:

Over the first 2-4 sets, athlete builds up to a challenging weight, then repeats that for the remaining sets.
Work with athletes on proper KB front rack: straight wrists, hands beneath chins, forearms against ribcage – not holding the KBs on their shoulders.

@ 0:00

For Time:
Assault Bike or Row 20/15 Calories
Run 300m
20 American Kettlebell Swings, 32kg/24kg
Run 300m
Assault Bike or Row 20/15 Calories


3:00 Rest/Transition (from 9:00 timecap)

@ 12:00
For Time:
30-20-10 Dual KB Thrusters, 24kg/16kg
Alternate With
Burpee Box Jump Over, 30″/24″

GEAR: 2.5

Assault Bike/Row: Bike is preferable if available. If you have limited bikes, you can have one group start with the bike and end with the row and the other vice versa. For athletes who will take more than 1:00 to complete 20/15 calories, scale down.
Run: For athletes who will take longer than ~1:50/300m, scale distance.
Kettlebell Swing: Athlete should be able to complete the round in no more than two sets with short break. Scale load accordingly. Athletes who lack sufficient mobility to swing the KB overhead should perform Russian swings. If 32kg/24kg for 20 reps or Russian KBS is not sufficiently challenging for them, they may increase to 25 repetitions.
Thruster: Athlete should be able to complete the first and second rounds in no more than two sets with short breaks, third round unbroken. Scale load accordingly.
Burpee Box Jump Over: Athlete should be able to work at a rate of 8 reps/minute or more. Scale repetitions and/or height accordingly. Scale movement to squat thrust (down to top of push-up position, then back up, without bringing chest to floor) for athletes who will see a significant drop in intensity on burpees. Alternatively, burpees to a bench may help sustain the intensity. Athletes who cannot safely perform box jumps should perform step-up and overs.


Split Stance Romanian Deadlift/Half Kneeling Press/Bulgarian Split Squat

20 Minutes @ Moderate Pace:
10 Split Stance Romanian Deadlift/side
10 Half Kneeling Press/side
10 Bulgarian Split Squats/side

All exercises should be performed with moderate weight. Emphasize pausing at both ends of the range of motion and keeping movement controlled and precise.
Split Stance RDL: May be loaded with barbell, dumbbells, or kettlebells.
Half Kneeling Press: Dumbbell or Kettlebell.
Bulgarian Split Squat: Dumbbells or Kettlebells at sides.