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Workhorse Weightlifting Course: Nov. 1 – Dec. 8


Workhorse Weightlifting Course: Nov. 1 – Dec. 8

The Workhorse Weightlifting Course is a six week program dedicated towards teaching athletes proper foundational Olympic Weightlifting technique. This course is encouraged for members who want to further their knowledge and experience with the weightlifting skills (Snatch, Clean, and Jerk).

OUR GOAL for each attendee is to leave this course more confident with their weightlifting ability, an improved sense of strength, power, and balance throughout their body, and a better appreciation for the development of their weightlifting technique.

  • Start/End Date – Tuesday, November 1st through Thursday, December 8th
  • Cost – $150
  • Classes per Week – 2 (Tuesday, Thursday)
  • Total Classes – 12
  • Class Time – 6:30pm through 8pm
  • Number of Attendees – 10 Athletes max (There are limited spots available!)

  • Warm-Up: Flexiblity/Activation and Movement Prep
  • Skill Breakdown and Development
  • Strength/Accessory Work
  • Core/Cool Down
**Cancellation policy:
– Due to the limited spaces of the course, there are no refunds or cancellations once purchased.